Frequently Asked Questions

What is Money1 real silver?

Money1 real silver is considered Sterling Silver 925 (i.e., made if 92.5% silver) or higher.

What’s the difference between Money1, Money2, and Money3?

Money1 silver is considered Sterling Silver 925 or higher. Money2 silver is less than that and mixed with other metals like steel, titanium, copper etc. Money3 is not silver, essentially made up of all other metals like what you would typically find in fashion jewelry.

Can the 24K gold plated over Money1 real silver peel or tarnish?

Gold plated Money1 real silver may lose some of its luster after a few years with extensive daily wear and extreme exposure to water.

The nice thing with money1 is you can always get them re-plated and it'll bring back the luster again as well as prolong the gold plating.

Can you re-gold plate Money1 real silver?

Yes! For gold plated money1 real silver, you can always re-plate them and it'll bring back the luster as well as prolong the gold plating. Check with your local Asian gold jeweler to see if they offer the service.

What is the proper way to clean Money1 real silver?

Money1 silver will tarnish over time when exposed to oxygen and sulfur in the air. When this happens you can simply clean with any silver jewelry cleaning solution (I include care instructions in all my orders to customers).

Where are you based? Can I pick up my order?

Items ship out from Minnesota. Unfortunately we don’t offer a pickup option.

How much is shipping?

USPS shipping fee is $4.90 for your entire order (U.S. only) on jewelry and accessories. Shipping fee for non-jewelry items (e.g., handbags, purses etc.) is $6.90. Shipping insurance is included on all orders as follows:

Orders up to $100: USPS Ground Advantage shipping insurance is included. If a package was undelivered, lost, stolen, or damaged, it will be the customer's responsibility to submit a claim through USPS.

Orders over $101: Shipping insurance through a third-party insurer is included. If a package was undelivered, lost. stolen, or damaged while in transit, please work with LLUXE Silver to file a formal claim.

When will my order ship?

Orders submitted Monday-Friday after 12:00pm CST will be shipped the next day (except for weekends and Holidays) or unless noted on our website.

What is the refund/exchange policy?

All sales are final. No refunds/exchanges. Please contact us if you experience issues with your purchase.