About Us

It all started with a friend’s idea to wear traditional Hmong clothes and accessories for a professional Fall Friendship Photo Shoot. I remember having a ton of anxiety over where to start, what to look for and how much to buy for the photo shoot. My anxiety grew knowing I had ZERO experience shopping and bidding on Hmong Facebook Lives which flourished when the world was on lockdown during the pandemic. On top of that, I only knew how to speak basic Hmong however had no clue how to write Hmong. Surprisingly, by joining Hmong Facebook Lives to bid and shop for items was how I learned to read and write basic Hmong. As the weeks went by, I was able to build my traditional Hmong outfit collection, purchase (more like hoard) wedding gifts for my children as well as complete the glamorous look for my Fall Friendship Photo Shoot!

It all didn’t just stop there. 

Those who know me well, know I love design and jewelry especially distinct pieces that are transitional, unique, and timeless. I started purchasing Money1 real silver jewelry pieces and fell in love with the unique and native design of my Hmong heritage and how money1 real fine silver can be brought back to looking like new again with just a simple quick clean - prolonging the life of these gorgeous pieces! Earlier this year (2023) I decided to sell a few authentic money1 real fine silver pieces on the side so our USA "sisters” can own a piece without worrying about communication barriers and the hassle of long shipment time to receive items from overseas. LLUXE Silver (Lotus Luxe Silver) was born. Aside from my full-time job, mom of 4, and wife of 25 years…LLUXE Silver has allowed me to build on my love for jewelry.


LLUXE Silver is based in Minnesota. All pieces are money1 real fine silver (92.5-99%) and sourced from Laos/Thailand. Most items are handmade; therefore not 100% perfect. I’ve personally “hand-picked” these limited edition and unique pieces with the excitement of making them conveniently available for you to own!

Happy browsing and thanks so much for your support and excitement in sharing the same interest in jewelry as I do!

Ua tsaug rau nej txhua leej txhua tus pab txhawb nqa LLUXE Silver. Yog muaj dab tsis nej xav tau los xav yuav, thov txhob ua siab deb nawb. Sau ntawv tuaj es peb mam teb sai li sai tau.